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Think of this as your one stop shop for connection, inspiration, and streamlined trainings that will help you turn your beauty business dreams into reality. 

It’s a place to keep you focused on working towards your business goals, without needing to sign up to a million free emails that you never open, or sign up to another course that leaves you needing more support after you finish.  

What we teach and share is relevant to all beauty business owners. The principals of business are the same, whether you are just starting out, or have been building your business for years. 

Introducing the Beauty Boss Pro Membership 


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I know what it takes to grow a 6-figure Beauty Business. Because of this, I created an online membership that will empower you to build the business of your dreams. 

Hi, I'm Angela Sanchez....

I believe that you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it. 

After building a 6 figure side hustle, solo owned and operated beauty salon from the ground up, I’m all too familiar with the amount of time we can work IN instead of ON our businesses.  

Throw becoming a mum and trying to master the whole work, life balance thing, lets just say its been no walk in the park, but its 100% possible, and as your Beauty Business Mentor I’ve got your back the whole way!  


If you are looking to start your own Beauty Business but have no idea where to begin? 

If you are feeling overwhelmed with working in your business and never have enough time to work on your business? 

If you constantly feel like there are new tools and features that you need to be on top of and there is never enough time to figure them out.  

If you find yourself seeking support, coaching and mentoring but leave feeling like it was never enough from what you need to continuously grow your business?  

I don’t want you to go through a similar frustration that I went through...

I started my Beauty Business with a dream but absolutely no vision on what I wanted to focus on, how it would be structured or even how I could be different to all the other beauty businesses around me.  

A time had come where I was just servicing client after client, and the actual overwhelming side of having so much to do with no time to implement it crept up and up, until I felt lost and I wasn’t showing love to my business and I’m sure my clients felt that to. I finally had the time to sit down one day and figure out exactly where I wanted my business to be. I’m talking the big picture, the 10-20 year plan of what I envisioned my business to look like and how I would feel when I opened my eyes in the morning and had my perfect day ahead of me.  


As a member of Beauty Boss Pro, you will get instant access to:

Monthly Masterclasses with our leading business Experts tailoring their training specifically to the beauty industry 

Q&A sessions – pre- submit your questions to our experts according to the months theme and join them in a LIVE session to receive your in depth answers.

The Mindset Lounge with access to guided visualisations, meditation and our exclusive series with Revitilisation Mentor and Phycologist Tric Gibson.

Done for you Templates, Checklists and Forms

Workbooks and Printables 

Instant Access to our “Secret” Beauty Boss Pro Facebook Community

Exclusive Event Invites and VIP ticketing to our Beauty Boss Brunches and our Retreats

Lifetime Pricing – Enjoy the locked in price for as long as you wish to remain a member

A sneak peak into just some of the amazing courses within the membership: 

Course #1 - Your Beauty Business Blueprint with Jenalyn Lee

Course #2 - Beauty Business Branding 101 with Tia Alana Hayes

Course #3 - Build and Edit Your Own Easy To Navigate Website with Sonya McIntyre-Reid

Course #4- Social Media Planning with Mackayla Paul

Course #5 - Create Amazing Social Media Graphics with Marianne Rose Dalanon

Course #6 - Mindset Series with Tric Gibson

  + so much more!  

I’m here to show you how I’ve done it and you can to!  

It doesn’t matter where you are at in your Beauty Business Journey – We are here to support you and want to provide an ongoing learning platform for you to refer back onto depending on what area of your business you need to focus on. This beautypreneur journey that you have chosen is going to be one hell of a ride, its no walk in the park either (I know Ive been there and I’m still walking in it with running my own salon) which is why I would be honored if you let me take you on the pathway to success by becoming a member of Beauty Boss Pro today.  

Does it sound amazing and something you’ve been hoping and searching for? You bet it is!!! 

Being completely transparent the pricing for Beauty Boss Pro will increase every time we reopen our doors for a new intake.  

Think of it this way by joining now you are locking in your lifetime pricing at our lowest rate yet which is just $1.61 a day. It will be substantially higher in 6 months and even 12 months time and that is purely because there will be 6-12 months of experts, done for you templates and resources added which have all taken time and $$ to prepare for you so of course the price will be higher.  

My Plan for Beauty Boss Pro is going to be like Netflix for the Beauty Industry, if you can imagine a non-stop learning library specific to our industry that’s mission is to help you save time and overwhelm so that you can become more successful, then without a doubt you should’ve already clicked JOIN NOW!  

Don’t miss out on being a founding member and give yourself permission to make this the best year in business.  


We are so confident that with 100% commitment into each masterclasss and taking action on the tools and resources that our experts, coaches, and mentors provide within the platform that we actually have a no refund policy. However there is no locked in contract. I am a firm believer that my vibe will attract my tribe, and if you feel that Beauty Boss Pro is not the right fit for your business needs then that is 100% absolutely fine. All you have to do is send us an email at letting us know you would like to cancel your membership. Feedback is always welcome so that we can continually improve how we serve our members but it is also not completely necessary and we will have a No Fuss Removal Process with your continued payments cancelled.  


• You’ve been secretly waiting for a mentor that can help you with overwhelm within your beauty business • You want to change your on the side beauty business into something incredible • You are tired of all the freebie downloads and courses and still don’t seem to be getting anywhere or have clarity of your business vision. • You know that courses, seminars and workshops are great but they leave you wanting to know more • You are searching for content ideas but never now how to put them together • You want to be apart of a community of like-minded business owners • You feel like you never have enough time and are overwhelmed • You are willing to do whatever it takes to make your business succeed • You are so passionate about the beauty industry and want to turn your beauty business dreams into reality.


• You are not open to change or feedback • You do not take action even if you know you should • You are after fame and fake followers • You are not committed to a growth mindset • You don’t have an abundance mindset • You are looking for a course or ebook…. This is an ongoing membership • If you are looking for 1 on 1 coaching – this is an online learning platform you need to make the training specific to your business and can do so by taking part of our Q&A sessions.  


Ok Great!  

Invest in the best gift you can give yourself with the opportunity of on-going learning and support to help you become a thriving successful #BeautyBoss  

You’ve got nothing to lose and EVERYTHING TO GAIN!